How Walmart Marketplace
Can Help Your Brand Grow

In the world of e-commerce, Walmart Marketplace has quietly transformed into a powerhouse. What was once overshadowed by giants like Amazon and eBay has now become a dynamic platform, challenging the status quo and gaining significant momentum. In this post, we’ll dive into the compelling reasons why joining Walmart Marketplace is not just an option but a strategic move for your brand’s online triumph.

1. Greater Exposure to New Audiences

Walmart’s online marketplace, with over 410 million unique monthly visits, presents a golden opportunity to expand your brand’s reach. The diverse demographics, including homeowners with moderate incomes, millennials, and families, offer a chance to connect with new audiences beyond what other platforms may provide.

2. Free 2-Day Shipping Advantage

Walmart’s introduction of the 2-Day Free Shipping program signals a direct competition with industry giant Amazon. Customers value expedited, free shipping, making it an attractive feature for sellers. Qualifying for this program not only enhances your product visibility but also boosts search rankings and Walmart Buy Box prominence.

3. Less Competition, More Freedom

With over 2.3 million active sellers worldwide on Amazon, the competition for attention is fierce. Walmart Marketplace, however, boasts just over 150,000 sellers, providing your brand with more freedom and less competition. While the acceptance process is rigorous, the payoff is well worth the effort.

4. No Subscription Fee, Simple Pricing

Unlike many other marketplaces, Walmart Marketplace stands out by charging only a referral fee for each sale, ranging from 6 to 15%. There’s no subscription or monthly fee, ensuring you only incur costs when you make a sale. The transparent pricing structure eliminates hidden fees, a significant advantage over other platforms.

5. Efficient and Secure Checkout Process

Walmart has streamlined its checkout process, offering a secure and efficient experience for customers. With encrypted transactions, buyers feel confident entering their information, leading to higher conversion rates for sellers. A hassle-free checkout process contributes to a positive customer experience.

6. Automation and Integrations Support

Walmart Marketplace provides robust support through partnerships with over fifty solution providers, including Payoneer and Ecom Creative Team. These collaborations offer sellers access to cutting-edge e-commerce analytics, inventory management tools, and streamlined integration solutions, making the selling experience more efficient.

7. Continual Marketplace Growth

As of May 2020, Walmart Marketplace surpassed both eBay and Amazon in performance. With a staggering 100% increase in GMV in 2020 and doubling its size to 100,000 sellers, Walmart Marketplace is on a trajectory of continuous growth. The addition of nearly 5,000 new sellers each month further solidifies its position as a thriving e-commerce hub.

8. Global Reach and Inclusivity

Walmart Marketplace’s expansion has transcended borders, welcoming international sellers, like Chile starting next year. The marketplace’s global inclusivity positions it as a diverse and expansive platform.

In conclusion, the decision to start selling on Walmart Marketplace is not just a business move; it’s a strategic investment in your brand’s online success. From reduced competition and greater exposure to transparent pricing and continual growth, the advantages are evident. Embrace the exclusive seller community of Walmart, and position your brand for unparalleled success in the evolving landscape of e-commerce.